Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet Scavenger Hunt is a two week challenge comprising over one hundred cryptic tasks, uniting individuals all over the world to solve challenges, scavenge items and cause absolute mayhem! All tasks will require you to take photos, videos and/or submit text based answers. As such it's important to keep a smart phone with you at all times to capture your attempts. Remember to try use High Definition when filming or taking photos so we do not miss any of the totally awesome details in your team entries. Each task a scavenger team completes earns the teams more points. And of course, the team with the most points at the end of the competition wins!

Note: Any attempt to steal points will lead to harsh penalties. The points are all locked in a titanium safe lined with Kryptonite (surprisingly expensive!) so all attempts will be futile. Either way, if you're competent enough to break into a Kryptonite lined safe you're competent enough to win this competition.

The questions cover just about everything. Yes, everything. Nothing is off limits in this Scavenger Hunt. The list of questions could wrap around the world two, three or even four times -- maybe... We don't know, we gave up measuring, but the list of questions is pretty long. To give you an idea of what sort questions there have been in previous years:

10 points1. Create and upload logo for your team
30 points2. Now create a theme song for your team. Make sure it encompasses your team ethos. Upload a music video of it to YouTube.
50 points3. Race around the world! Get your team logo photographed in 3 cities that are at least 2000 kilometers apart. Make sure we can recognise a famous landmark!
You don't need much at all to compete! You don't even need human beings! As a company, doesn't discriminate against zombies (or "the living impaired"). All you need is a team logo which also includes the Freelancer logo and a team name. We will require you to have this displayed in all of the photos and videos to prove that it was your team that completed the task. Once registrations close you will be given the first five tasks, these are super easy but will really weed out the mice from the men. Complete these special tasks and you will unlock a treasure trove of intrigue and mystery. Well, you will unlock the rest of the questions and that is when the competition will really heat up!
This year we are aiming to smash the current Guinness Book of Records holder in “The Largest Media Scavenger Hunt” which means that all teams must be uniform in size. Sometimes it gets hard to manage lots of friends so we have kept it simple. All teams must be made up of 5 members, so you can keep count of them on your hand when you are doing crazy challenges in dangerous locations.

Sign up on the Scavenger website using either your Freelancer or Facebook account. It's highly suggested you link your Facebook account to your Freelancer account as many features use Facebook. Once you have signed up you'll need a team; you can either create a new team or join an existing team. To do so click on the “Join/Create Team” tab on the left hand side of the page.

If you do not have a team, never fear! We love connecting people from all around the world. It is what we do, it is what we are good at. So we have set up a FIND ME A TEAM function that will place you with the coolest group of people we can find.

The task list will be released at 12am EST (New York) on Friday February 14 and the hunt will close at 12am EST (New York) on Friday the 28th of February. You have between these times to complete as many tasks as possible and submit your attempts!

Our insurance does not cover temporal paradoxes. Time travel (except when explicitly allowed) is prohibited! Insurance that covers time travel is really, really difficult to acquire and super expensive. We searched for a provider with full temporal coverage everywhere! All we ended up with was some shady guy in a fez who called himself a doctor. We're fairly sure he doesn't have any real qualifications though.

Complete Tasks! Each task has a set of points allocated to it for achieving certain goals. You will earn more points the more thoroughly you complete each task. Points are flexible too -- if your team go above and beyond the call of duty we're liable to nudge a few extra points your direction as well.

Imagine we asked you to take a photo of a strong man ripping apart our origami bird. I mean obviously we'd never make a task like that -- we love our origami bird too much -- but imagine if we did. If you gave us a photo of a questionable strong man (i.e. distinct lack of strength), then you're not likely to get all the points for the question.

If you turned up with a photo and video of Arnold Schwarzenegger ripping apart a man sized origami bird however, you'd be getting *all the points available* for that question.

Yes! The proof is in the pudding. Non-Photoshopped photographic or videographic proof is required to get points in the majority of the tasks your team faces. For the task involving the fire-breathing dragon (as opposed to those normal, cuddly dragons of course), it's suggested you have one team member with the sword and shield and another team member with the camera. Holding the video camera in your sword or shield hand is *not suggested* and may result in a free cremation.

When videos are required, you can just upload to Youtube and provide the link to us. For photos, we'll provide an easy to use interface for uploading the images.

The first suggestion is to share the Scavenger Hunt via Facebook and Twitter so as many of your friends as possible know that you are the coolest person on earth and can possibly join your team. When your friend arrives at the Scavenger Hunt site and have signed in, they can join your team in two ways.

  • If they've linked their account to Facebook and they're a friend, your name should pop up with an offer to join your team.
  • Otherwise, they need to enter your team name into the Join Team form. Once they have asked to join your team, you can just accept their join request.

The Team Captain has a fancy little tab that notes the word “Captain” on it, cool huh! Any team member can invite others to their team. But only the team captain can approve team members and remove team members. As such, you should have absolute faith in your team captain!

The short answer is No. You should not be joining more than one team. This won’t increase your chance of winning and will just result in a confusing situation for everyone involved. You are only able to sign up to one team using one Freelancer/Facebook account so unless you have split personalities it will be really, really difficult for you to join more than one team.

If you were to attempt this highly dangerous tet-a-tet, you could incite a fight between the two groups, forcing them into a battle to the death, potentially involving an epic synchronized swimming championship challenge, imagine the movie Black Swan but with nose plugs. Things could get ugly.

The full list of rules and guidelines are available in the “Rules and Guidelines” tab – we intentionally made them difficult to find. All the rules can be summarized briefly however: be legal and be nice. Anything that breaks the law or our definition of legal/nice will result in the disqualification of your team and a nasty note to Santa implicating you in a North Pole fraud scheme. Just you wait and see what you will be getting for Christmas this year if that happens.

Yes! This is a global scavenger hunt! Anyone from anywhere in the world can join! In fact, many of these challenges take place in different continents, so it even makes sense to get friends from different countries competing in the same team! Besides, wouldn't it be totally awesome to have an Inuit in your team?

If you're currently in orbit or a parallel dimension, please contact the Support Team for clarification as to your in-game status. Astronauts in orbit may be allowed assuming their exposure to radiation hasn't given them superpowers.

The Scavenger Hunt will close at 12am EST (New York) on Friday February 28. We will announce the winners shortly after.

A team leaderboard will be available when the competition begins.