Reddit FAQ

For all the general queries about the Scavenger Hunt, there's the FAQ page. This is about the war...

We heard you like declaring war...

Logo idea: Narwhal impaling the Contest's bird logo on its horn. It shows we don't mess around.

Reddit User diversionaryaccount

War declared Reddit! We like our little birdy ಠ_ಠ

If you'd like to retaliate, here's your alien (not an ancient alien, sadly), our bird and Peregrinestar's Pokemon battle template

So what if Reddit wins?

I'll assume you meant "what if we win prize money". You won't be winning in a nerf skirmish against us -- we've made sure of that.

The team named Reddit has proposed to give all prize money they win away to charity. At the end of the competition, if any shiny gold coins are won by team Reddit, we'll set up a poll on where the money should go. Actually, either a poll or a Reddit thread with the highest voted (semi-)sane charity the one to receive the money.

Although not a random act of pizza, it may surprise you to know that money can be exchanged for goods and services. Thus, many charitable pizzas/pizzae/pizzaz can be acquired through the prize money.

So, this war... Will there be many casualties?

Yes. All of Reddit. Just kidding! Mostly...

Scavenger wars are friendly affairs composed primarily of propane powered nerf gun skirmishes. It's quite rare to take an arrow in the knee during a nerf gun skirmish, though still suggests wearing steel knee pads and a helmet.

As with all Internet flamewars, the biggest casualty will be your time. If you have a social life, prepare to lose it. If you had pets, give them to responsible relatives. If you had a significant other, break up with them in advanced through an apologetic tweet or voicemail message. The tasks for this hunt are well and truly worth acquiring Forever Alone status!

But will the questions really interest Redditors?

Many of the questions involve memes, insanity and generally zany actions. I heard Reddit is pretty good at those things. As such, the questions will be well and truly be near and dear to a Redditor's heart

We make the assumption that your heart is in the standard location and operating normally. If it is not, we suggest you stop reading and manually restart it now. It's alright, we'll wait. If you're in fact undead, we cater to that demographic as well. Many of the scavenger hunt questions involve interacting with living, nutritous people. For more information, see **What does my team need?** in the FAQ.

Want more zany? Check out the FAQ!